Fall classes begin on September 11th, 2017.  All classes are held on Monday nights at the Westchester United Methodist Church at 8065 Emerson Ave. Prices listed are for one semester (15 weeks) of dance classes, but dancers can join any time at a pro-rated rate. (Payment can be made by check at the first rehearsal.)

4:30-5:30 class: Dance Fundamentals (K-3rd grade) $100/semester

5:30-6:30 class: Junior Lariats (3rd- 8thgrade) $125/semester

6:30-8:30 class: Performing Lariats (6th-12th grade) $165/ semester


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You can pay for tuition online or in person. Note that if you pay online there is a $5 service fee added to the tuition. 

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